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Similar Sights
7-7 Memorial
Actors Memorial
Alanbrooke, Field Marshal Viscount
Albert Hall
Albert Memorial
Albert, Prince
Albert, Prince
Ann, Queen
Astor, Nancy
Baird, John Logie
Bali Bomb Memorial
Bartle Frere, General Henry Edward
Bartman, Alderman William
Battle of Britain Memorial
Bazalgette, Sir Joseph
Bazalgette, Sir Joseph
Beatty, Admiral David, Earl
Beauclerk, Topham and Lady Diana
Belgiums Gratitude for British Aid in 1914-1918
Besant, Sir Walter
Beven Boy Memorial
Blake, William - Grave
Brockway, Fenner
Brunel, Isambard Kingdom
Bunhill Field
Bunyan, John - Grave
Burghers of Calais
Burke, Edmund - House
Burns, Robert
Canning, George PM
Canning, George - Prime Minister
Cavell, Edith
Chaplin, Charlie
Charles 1
Charles 1 - Westminister Hall
Charles 2
Charnel House - Spitalfields
Chelsea In-pensioner
Cheylesmore, Baron Herbert Francis Eaton
Chillianwallah, Battle of
Chindit Special Force
Churchill, Sir Winston
Churchill, Sir Winston
Churchill, Winston - Prime Minister
Cleopatras Needle
Clive, Robert Baron of Bengal, Clive of India
Coadestone Lion
Coal Exchange Dragons
Cook, Captain James - Navigator - Home
Cook, Captain James RN
Cromwell, Oliver - Lord Protector
Cunningham, Admiral Sir Andrew Browne , Viscount of Hyndhope
Defoe, Daniel - Grave
Derby, Earl of - Edward Stanley - Prime Minister
Derby, Lord Edward Geoffrey Smith Stanley PM
Dickens, Charles
Disraeli, Benjamin Earl Beaconfield - Prime Minister
Disraeli, Benjamin Earl Beaconsfield - Prime Minister
Disraeli, Benjamin Earl Beaconsfield - Prime Minister
Dowding, Lord Hugh - Air Chief Marshal
Eisenhower, Dwight
Eleanor Cross, Queen - Charing Chross
Faraday, Michael
Faraday, Michael - Museum
Fawcett, Henry Memorial
Fleet Air Arm Memorial
Fleming, Sir Alexander - Lab
Fletcher, WPC Yvonne
Foch Momerial
Forster, William Edward
Fox, Charles James
Franklin, Benjamin
Gage, Thomas - Memorial
Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand
Gilbert, William Schwenck
Girl and a Dolphin
Gladstone, William Ewart - Prime Minister
Gladstone, William Ewart - Prime Minister
Golden Boy
Gordon, General Charles George - of Khartoum
Greathead, James Henry
Guards Crimean Memorial
Guards Division Cenotaph
Gurkha Memorial
Harris, Sir Arthur - Air Marshal Bomber Command
Hill, Sir Roland
Hunter, John
Imperial Camel Corps Memorial
Imperial Measures, Official
Irving, Sir Henry
Jellicoe, Admiral Earl Sir John Rushworth
John Heminge and Henry Condell - Shakespeares Actors
Johnson, Dr. Samuel, Writer
Kennedy, John F. President
Kings Reach - George V Memorial
Lawrence, T. E. - (of Arabia)
Lincoln, Abraham - American President
Lister, Lord Joseph
London Stone
Marsden, William
Marx, Karl
Marx, Karl - Library
Melville, Herman
Memorial Gates
Merchant Navy and fishing fleets Memorial
Montgomery, Field Marshal Viscount Alamein
More, Sir Thomas
More, Sir Thomas More
Morell Mackenzie - Doctor
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Navigators Memorial
Nelson, Horatio, Admiral , Viscount , Duke of Bronte
Nelson, Lord Horatio, Admiral , Viscount , Duke of Bronte
Newman, John Henry Cardinal (1801 - 1890)
Newton, Sir Isaac
Olivier - Lord Laurence
Outram, Gereral Sir James
Paddington Bear
Palmerston, Viscount - Henry John Temple - Prime Minister
Pankhurst, Emmeline and Christabel
Peabody, George
Peel, Sir Robert - Prime Minister
Pepys, Samual
PERCEVAL, The Hon. Spencer (1762-1812) - PM
Pitt, William (Elder) Earl of Chatham - PM
Pitt, William (The Younger)
Poppies in the Moat
Portal, Charles Frederick Algernon, Viscount Hungerford, Air Marshal
Postmans Park
Prodtestant Martyrs
Pugin, Auguste Charles
Queen Annes Alcove
R.A.F. Memorial
R.A.F. Memorial (St Clement Danes)
RAF Bommber Command Memorial
Raikes, Robert
Reuter, Paul Julius
Reynolds, Sir Joshua
Rifle Brigade Memorial
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
Royal Artillery
Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
Royal Tank Regiment Memorial
Russell, Bertrand (1872 - 1970)
Salter, Dr Alfred M.P. - his daughter and her cat
Savoy Theatre Centenary
Seven Dials
Shakespeare, William
Slim, Field Marshal Viscount
Sloane, Sir Hans
Snow, Dr John
Stuart Mill. John
Submariners - lost at sea
Sullivan, Sir Arthur Seymour
Temple Bar
The Monument
Thomas Coram
Tower Hill Scaffold
Trenchard, Hugh Montague
Trevithick, Richard (1771 - 1853)
Turner - Birth Place
Tyndale, William
Vice Admiral William Bligh (Capt.)
Victoria Street Clock
Victoria, Queen - her last visit to the City
Victoria, Queen - Memorial
Wallace, Sir William
Walpole, Sir Robert - House
War Memorial to London Troops
Washington, George
Waterloo, Battle of - Captured Guns
Wellington, Duke, Arthur Wellesley
Wellington, Duke, Arthur Wellesley - Memorial and Tomb
Wesley, John
Wheeler, Sir Mortimer
Wilde, Oscar
Women of World War 2 Memorial
Woolf, Leonard Sidney
WREN, Sir Christopher (1632-1723) - Memorial and Tomb
York, Duke of

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